Lady Merrideth D'Vire

A low born girl with lofty aspirations.


Female Human Cavalier (Order of the Dragon)/Bard (Savage Skald) 12
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init + 5, Senses normal vision; Perception + 15

AC 32, touch 19, flat-footed 25 [+ 7 armor, + 5 shield, + 6 dex, + 1 dodge, + 1 NA, + 2 deflection]
HP 172 (12d10 + 84 + 12)
Fort + 16 Ref + 15 Will + 13

Speed 30ft
Melee + 1 merciful axiomatic long sword + 21/16/11 (1d8 + 8; 19-20/x2) or + 3 lance + 22/17/12 (1d8 + 8; x3) or +1 short sword + 20/15/10 (1d6 + 8; x3)
Ranged + 1 Composite + 7 Longbow + 19/14/9 (1d8 + 8; x3)

Performance 10 + 2 * (level-1) = 32rnds/day
starting a performance – move action DC 22 (10 + 1/2level + cha)
Counter song
Inspiring Blow
Inspire Courage + 3
Inspire Competence + 4
Incite Rage
Dirge of Doom
Inspire Greatness
Song of the Fallen
Masterpeices: Triple Time

Spells Known
Caster level 12th; Concentration + 18; SR checks + 12
4th – 4/day – Virtuoso Performance, Freedom of Movement
3rd – 5/day – Good Hope, Mass Invigorate, See Invisibility, Daylight
2nd – 7/day – Tactical Acumen, Galant Inspiration, Versatile Weapon, Calm Emotions, Heroism
1st – 7/day – Alarm, Clarion Call, Remove Fear, Saving Finale,
0 – oo/day – Sift, Message, Light, Know Direction, Mending, Dancing Lights
War Domain : Battle Rage: 7/day standard + 4 to melee damage rolls for 1 round
domain spells
1/day magic weapon, spiritual weapon, magic vestment, divine power

STR 24 DEX 22 CON 24 INT 20 WIS 19 CHA 22
Base Attack + 12/+ 7/+ 2; CMB + 19; CMD 37
Alternate Racial Trait Eye for Talent + 2 to one stat of any Animal Companion, Mount, or Cohort. + 2 to Sense Motive. Replaces Human Bonus Feat.
Traits Natural Born Leader, Crusader Tactician
Feats Mounted Combat, Weapon Focus (long sword), Combat Reflexes, Ride by Attack, Body Guard, Wheeling Charge, Dodge, Mobility, Combat Patrol
Tactician Feat Escape Route, Outflank

Skills/Level: 6 + INT ( + 5 ) + 1 racial
Skill Rank Allocation:
Acrobatics: 12
Bluff: 8
Climb: 12
Craft(sewing): 5
Craft(Carpentry): 2
Diplomacy: versatile performance
Handle Animal: versatile performance
Heal: 5
Intimidate: versatile performance
Know(Arcana): 1
Know(Dungeoneering): 1
Know(Engeneering): 9
Know(Geography): 2
Know(History): 1
Know(Local): 1
Know(Nature): 1
Know(Nobility): 3
Know(Planes): 1
Know(Religion): 3
Linguistics: 3
Perception: 12
Perform(Oratory): 12
Perform(Percussion): 12
Perform(Wind): 1
Perform(String): 8
Profession(Soldier): 2
Profession(Forman): 3 + 1(bonus)
Ride: 12
Sense Motive: versatile performance
Stealth: 9
Survival: 1
Swim: 2

Languages: Taldane, Varisian, Orc, Osirian, Kelish, Skald, Necril, Draconic

Bard SQ’s: Versitile Performance (Oratory, Percusion), Well Versed, Bardic Knowledge + 4
War Domain : Battle Rage: 7/day Action – standard + 4 to melee damage rolls for 1 round
Weapon Master: 12rounds/day – swift action gain use of one combat feat that you qualify for.

Order Abilities: Edicts: The cavalier must remain loyal to his allies and must always work to further the aims of the group. He must protect his allies from harm and defend their honor when called into doubt.
Challenge: Whenever an order of the dragon cavalier issues a challenge, his allies receive a +4 circumstance bonus on melee attack rolls against the target of his challenge whenever he is threatening the target.
Improved Aid +4
Stratagy: the cavalier can spend a standard action to grant all allies within 30 feet (including himself) a +2 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round, a +2 morale bonus on all attack rolls for 1 round, or the ability to move up to their speed as an immediate action once. The cavalier can grant a different bonus to each ally within range, but allies can only benefit from this ability once per combat.

Starting Wealth: 5d6x10gp. Max 300gp
Equipment: + 1 Cloak of resist, Belt of Str and Dex + 2, + 1 Mithril Chain Shirt, Chain Shirt, + 1 Heavy Darkwood Shield, + 1 Amulet of NA, + 2 Ring of Prot, + 1 Merciful Longsword of Iomedea (regal quality granting + 4 to diplo), Longbow, 20 arrows, + 1 Lance, Horseshoes of Speed, Studded Leather Barding 100gp, Millitary Saddle 20gp, Bit and Bridal 2gp, Saddle Bags 4gp, Whetstone 4cp, Musical Instrument(Drum, snare) 5gp, 8 Trail Rations 2gp, 2 Waterskin 1gp, Backpack 2gp, 2 potion CLW, 1 potion ant haul, 1 elixir of swimming, 1 potion of lesser restoration.
The services of a Trained Hireling to act as a squire for 26 days at 3sp/day (matt if this should be at a higher cost let me know).



Merrideth was born the day her mother died on the Belkzen-Lastwall border as night slowly falls.

Her mother is a standard bearer in Lastwall’s 32nd Infantry unit, and morale is low. The call goes out to take a nearby hill held by the orcish hoard. Her unit makes no move to follow the orders of the commanding officer, as he froths with rage at the inaction of his troops. Then time slows and her heart beat quickens as the air in her lungs escapes her mouth in a deafening shout, suddenly she is charging the hill as arrows rain down around her. One finds her arm and the flag she carries falls, she stops as two more find her thigh and her chest. She’s on the ground, she reaches out and takes the battle standard in her hands as the men of her unit rush past her and engage the orcs on the hill. She drags her self back to her feet and up the hill. The wind tears at the flag bearing the shields of Lastwall as she pushes her way through the melee, to the crest of the hill. There it finds firm purchase in the soil as she finally falls back to the earth.
When the dust settles a women dies and a child is born, into darkness, destruction, and brotherhood, but the boarder holds and that is all that mattered.

The battle field is no place for a child of any age, so she is sent off with her mothers sword to identify her. She is placed in an orphanage where she is raised. She takes to heart the stories she is told of the valor of the soldier and crusader. She is told of young Ulthun II who at the age of 17 was already leading crusaders to victory and glory. but Merrideth is not content merely to listen to the words of story tellers. She dreams of standing with and even leading a proud unit to victory in defense if her country and against the lingering taint of Tar Baphon. She plays at war with the boys in the yard. When she is of age she asks to join the fight. She is laughed away.

For a short while she resigns herself to a life raising young boys to fight and die for all the world. Until she gets a job as a scullery made in the Crusader War College, she is exposed to a whole new view of the fighting, where the individual’s glory is only a small part of a grander campaign that may be destined for greatness or doomed to failure before it begins. Merrideth spends her days at mindless work free to think of one tactic or another read from a book “borrowed” from one of the legitimate pupils. This distraction and theft gets her in trouble over and over with Headmaster Geralt who is confused and confounded by this troublesome child. Untill one day Merrideth demands that she be allowed to attend that if she is so piss poor at the art of scrubbing and mending perhaps the art of war would suit her better. Flabbergasted at the very notion Sir Geralt relents, let her go try, fail and come begging for a return to normalcy.

She is tested the very next day, she is asked to don a suit of training armor and march with the other fresh blood of the season. She has never run so far so long and over such terrain. She falls again and again and under the torrents of taunts and laughter of the instructor and the other students, but each time she finds the strength to stand once more. When she reaches the end of the course she doesn’t let herself fall into a deliciously restful heap. She removes her gear places it back on the rack, and slowly but surely walks back to her bunk in the womens dormitory, and falls into it as though a stone. She awakes a few hours later to a sharp poke a cup of water and a smile as she slowly comes back from the realm of Desna. One of the boys from the morning march explaines that she is already late to the days lessons. She prays Iomedae gives her the strength to survive.

Iomedea did give her that. Merrideth grew strong and resilient under the scrutiny of her teachers. She learned that you expect the least from can and will surprise you if motivated properly. To her defense came the ne’er do wells, misfits and slackers, and she was able to bring out the best in them. But ultimately Merrideth had a target on her back she could not get rid of, and it was a friend who knocked the arrow that brought her down. She was kicked out of the college for late night indiscretions with a fellow student. The classmate that turned her in, was the very same who had offer her the glass of water. Whether he felt jilted, hoped to remove competition or curry favor, she never knew. Luckily Sir Geralt had been turned around by her skill at arms and tactics, he wrote an introduction letter that she took to Oppara in Taldor granting her access to a military college where the study was more broad of topic, and more academic in scope.

Having graduated she now seeks to put together her own mercenary company in the hopes of turning the tide in many of the protracted stalemates across the world.

Lady Merrideth D'Vire

Descended from Divine Ericthefish