Descended from Divine

The Horde's Descend

The time is nigh. The hordes will gather in 3 months time. Mihira Khan has been found and identified, I am only here to find the crystal ball to find the appearance of this god-child and to find the wards on the Wound. Soon after will some of my brothers and I take the hordes and assault the wound. The Child shall be freed. I suspect a trip to Thrune is in order as I have reason to believe “The Key” would be helpful in the final goal. First, we must free the Child before the Father shall be awoken. How Thrune will fall once the Child destroys the city.

Starstone Prophecy

In the heralding of the end times, the descendants of the divine shall bind together as once before. Within these few comes the Hope of Salvation.

If the Heralds of Hope start the Seeds of Salvation within the point of affliction that remains unafflicted, then defeat the agents of fire and chaos that reside, then Salvation shall have Hope. But beware the fickleness of fate as chance and luck have been made corrupt.

The Awakened Sleepers shall consume the world, all that stands before it is Hope.


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