Descended from the Gods, these heroes have destinies that await.

Create your characters based around the stats you were given.
You gain 2 traits from any source (normal trait rules apply).
You are gestalt characters (which means you get to choose 2 classes
which you level at the same time).
You are a descendant of a God of your choice (DM discretion).
Note: No evil Gods except for Asmodeus please.
You get your Creator’s favored weapon as a weapon proficiency.

I will require character backgrounds. Most of you will be newly born
and grown to adulthood (exception: I know two of you were looking at
Aroden as a father, so you’d have to have been concieved BEFORE he died).

The sooner I get the backgrounds, the easier it will be for me to craft
the background of the campaign and send out the adventure hooks.

This is looking to be a long campaign of my own design, so it is quite
probable that we will hit epic levels before it is done.

Will post more later as I develop more. Except know that you’re not going
to know the premise of the campaign until much later into the campaign, so
you’ll be given no hints of what is to come in the adventure till after it

The campaign has the possibility to span the entire world, so no bounds on
locations with character creation.


A note on Gestalt Characters:
You get all the class abilities of both classes at each level.
You get the higher of both classes HD size, saves, and number of skill points.
All class skills of both classes are considered class skills.

An example:
1st Wizard/Rogue
d8 hd, 8 + int skill points, +0 fort +2 ref +2 will, sneak attack +1d6, (other rogue
abilities gained at level one), 1st level wizard spellcasting, familiar/bond, scribe scroll.

Descended from Divine

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